Do you ever worry about overpopulation?


Not in the sense that you probably do. We have problems of overpopulation a city’s center starts to run out of places for buildings to be built, but… My writer told me some time ago that your numbers are in excess of 7 billion. Your world must be massive to support that. Or you must be really small. Or you must be wiping out every other form of life… 

Our population grows very slowly. This is actually a direct result of persistence. Having as many offspring as possible and propagating our own genes is no longer the best survival strategy. When you don’t plan on dying, children are potential competitors. For this reason, raising a child is fairly rare. 

Having spoken with my writer about it, I can say that childhood is very, very different between our two worlds. School is something reserved for adults, and the education of children is left entirely to their parents. There simply aren’t enough children in any given city to require an institution devoted to them. Typically the remainder of a parent’s current life (and sometimes beyond) is devoted to teaching and raising their offspring.

But I’m getting off topic. To be direct, we have no serious problem with the current levels of our population, either worldwide or in a particular region. Our current worldwide population is around 150,000,000. It’s very slowly growing, but people just don’t tend to have children if there isn’t room for them in society.

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