It sounds like your species has seen a fairly dramatic technological sea change in the past dozen lifetimes or so. How do your people handle the relatively fast changes? Are older folks who were used to fairly flat technological improvement for so long alarmed by all of the new things?



I’m having trouble understanding this question at all. The older someone is, the more changes they’ve seen over their lives. Those older folks the best able to adapt, not the worst. They tend to be a bit slower to adopt new changes than younger people, but that’s more due to patience, I think. When you’ve been around long enough, waiting one or two lifetimes before trusting some new medical advance isn’t unreasonable. 

I suppose part of our ability to accept change comes from persistence. When you persist, you get a very big shift in perspective. I’ve mentioned it before, but I really have to stress that. You have a new brain, built using genes from your sire, that you haven’t had in the past. Breakthroughs, both in terms of science and creativity can happen after a persistence when an individual has been stumped for years.

Anyhow, you ask specifically about change in sea related technology (I assume you specifically mean sailing?). In regard to that, the rate of technological increase has been pretty steady. Things like radar, which revolutionized safety near shores, and later satellites, able to provide highly detailed maps, have been pretty massive leaps. People were generally just giddily happy about those technologies, rather than suspicious, though.

Seafaring technologies in particular have always been very welcome ones. Shipping routes across oceans are inherently dangerous from our tides, but also massively profitable for those that are willing or able to manage them. Perishable goods, or just very difficult to transport items are best suited to travel by barge, so there’s a lot of industry demand for it. Increasing safety for either the crew or the cargo means an increased capacity to ship, with lower losses.

A much younger technology is undersea exploration. This is one that is truly thrilling to me. There are creatures down there that no one alive has ever seen, and probably all kinds of biology that could be put to untold medical good.

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