Are you just regular aliens with very strange evolution, or are you the product of technology/magic?


I don’t really know what a “regular” alien is. Humans are the only reference I have, and as different as you are from us, there might be even weirder stuff out there (no offense or anything). So I’m not really sure how to answer that first part.

As for the second part… most people are pretty comfortable with the idea that we evolved. New genetic traits pop up now and then, and we’ve been around long enough to witness basic evolution. There are patterns in our genes that are common across all the species we’re most closely related to.

There are tons of different religions, and most of them have stories of creation, and why everything is the way it is… but it’s pretty rare for people to take that stuff literally, even if they’re still religious. Heck, even my parent, who is way more into their religion than most people, knows that.

My writer tells me that evolution is still seriously debated on your world. If you guys ever want to catch up with us in terms of biology, you really need to just get past that. I’m not a scientist or anything, but it’s pretty important if you’re going to understand more complex stuff.

Interestingly, there are a couple of religions that don’t really focus on gods, spirits, or magic at all. They talk about how the Kukun’lu always existed, and used machines to make everything, including the bodies we have now. If that were the case, we would be able to pretty easily see it in our genes, though.

Also, it’s worth saying that I don’t really see anything particularly strange about evolution on Ki’Darisa. Between Earth and here, there are less differences than there really could be.

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