NaNoWriMo #11 -Deprecated Content

I got an ask requesting that I post the deprecated section of my universe bible entitled “Telekinesis,” and thought that it would make a good example. What you see here is left in the bible, but I’ve greyed it out. Revising your universe is very important, but don’t be too quick to completely delete sections. Sometimes it’s a good idea to leave them in (but marked as deprecated) simply to remind yourself of why you put them there in the first place.

Overview: Telekinesis in the Legacy universe does not work in the same manner as most fictional universes, where the user focuses on a single object and moves it as a mouse pointer would be moved. Moving objects mentally is based on application of forces across areas, which means that many things have to be taken into account, and it it requires a significant amount of concentration.

General Physics: If someone wants to pick up an object mentally, they must apply enough telekinetic force to it so as to overcome gravity, but not so much as to fling it away. Additionally, the force will be felt by all items in the object’s vicinity, so care needs to be taken to avoid sweeping up additional items/detritus. A heavy object sitting on smaller, very light objects would be very difficult to pick up “cleanly.”

Ability to apply telekinetic force decreases with the distance from the user by the inverse square law, similar to any of the traditional forces. This is to say, if the distance between the subject and target triples, the difficulty is not multiplied X3, but increased by 3^2. This adds the additional difficulty of modulating force as a target object is moved within the  subjects range of influence. If an object is being carried toward the subject, they (the subject) must take care to reduce the effort made to lift the object, or it will accelerate upward and in the direction of the subject as the force of telekinesis further and further overpowered gravity. In the case of a target simply being drawn toward the subject as quickly as possible, not only would the speed increase significantly as the distance to the subject decreased, but the *acceleration* would increase. As such, care needs to be taken when doing so. Don’t grab the lawn darts while you’re drunk.

Fictional allowances: Single forces do not both push and pull arbitrarily charged targets. Even allowing for the push/pull issue, a subject moving objects at a diagonal to themselves or along their tangent on a plane would be impossible.

Biology: Most higher order creatures (and some lower order ones) have some form of telekinesis on Darisa. It is most typically associated with one or more pair of antennae. Damage to one or more of the antennae severely degrades ability, although in most species this is impermanent damage, and old antennae are periodically shed/regrown.

The concept of telekinesis is one that appears incredibly frequently in my dreams. I very much want to incorporate it into a story universe because in my mind I can picture and even feel exactly how I think it should work.

So as much as anything else, this entry is an example of the necessity of killing your darlings. Legacy is in a very hard scifi universe, and there are inherent problems with the nature of telekinesis and how it would actually work. It also stressed the idea of “psychic” abilities in the kukun’lu far too much. I loved the concept. I still kind of miss it. But it absolutely had to go.

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