If you live forever, do you just always work? Isn’t is sad going on and on at the same job without ever retiring?


Yeesh, that would be awful! No, we don’t do that. Generally, you work a job until you either quit, or until you’re ready to persist into your next life. It’s uncommon to keep a job from one life to the next unless you’re either really good at it (and whoever you worked for begs you to come back), or if it’s some business you own yourself. The amount of time you are gone for before you’re ready to wok again is too much. By the time that comes, the position will generally be filled.

If you run a little food stop, or you have a bed and breakfast that you live in, yourself, it’s a no brainer to hold onto it. Even then, sometimes people just find that they get a new perspective with their next life and don’t want to be there any more!

After you persist, your new sire usually takes care of you for a good while. You don’t make good decisions until your brain is fully developed, really. Besides, knowing that someone else is taking care of you and you can just spend your time playing with other people your age is great. I don’t understand how anyone could function without knowing that at the end of any given life some carefree days are waiting. 

I think people like it this way. If I had to look at my job and think “I’ll be doing this forever!” I would probably just stop waking up in the mornings. That would be too depressing for words!

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