Sulmere, can everyone tell when machines are breaking by listening to the harmonics, or is that something you’re uniquely good at?


Yow, you’re giving me way too much credit there! I just know what it sounds like when the belts driving the compressors running freezers are going bad, and listen for when the motors start to strain. I also generally see to it that lower quality parts get ordered for the fancy food section of storage… whoops!

That having been said… there are people who are good at what you’re talking about. Not just for machines, but for all kinds of things. You can train yourself to listen to wavelengths that are typically filtered out by your brain, or that you only pick up very faintly. People who do this are able to sense much broader ranges of signals than anyone typical.

On an even deeper level, there are people who learn to produce signals with those wavelengths. That is very cloak and dagger stuff. People who can do that can have conversations that no one else is even aware of if they’re careful about it (and no one else around has practiced up on it). I’ve tried to pick the skill up a few times, but I’m not really patient enough, and it doesn’t really seem useful enough to be worth the bother.

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