Sulmere, what would utopia look like?


Maybe give all the money that the rich assholes have to everyone else to start with. See how they like having to scrabble, and jump around, and work for the rest of us. Make them move next to the old flood-side of town and see how they like living next to old ghost buildings while we party in their fancy houses.

I guess make some way to help people who get stuck in really bad genetic ruts into a better place? I’ve seen some people who are pretty hard up. If you go two or three generations with bad sires and happen to end up on the shallow end of the gene pool for smarts, you can find yourself in a really bad situation.

I’m really bad at questions like this. I mean the thing about rich people would feel really vindicating, but it wouldn’t really work. Stuff is pretty ok like it is, I guess? I mean some stuff is pretty awful. But if we changed things, they might get worse instead of better, and I think things are getting along alright. In my country, anyhow.

All the news prints stuff about the far east being really terrible. There’s a big push to make it illegal to trade with them.

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