Do the people of Darisa have anything like The Internet we have here on earth? If so, Are there memes, too?


My writer sent me some “memes.” They are absolutely inscrutable to me. My writer told me that memes are kind of in-jokes that generally have to do with poking fun at society and current events, and we do have those. Most magazines and newspapers have a humor section, and there are comedy shows that broadcast. A lot of that stuff is based on currently relevant politics, news, or whatever. Does that fit the bill at all?

The internet you have seems to be a lot more widespread than what we have. There are communications networks that you can access from some schools/research facilities, and from larger libraries, but it’s more or less unheard of for anyone’s personal home to be connected to that.

I have to say that I’m grudgingly impressed that people on earth are so into education that a connection to your global network is in such high demand. Here, it’s generally seen as pretty boring. I have to admit that I’ve never bothered to try it out more than once, myself. It just seems so tedious to have to read on a screen. For me at least, it makes more sense to just order whatever you would like to read and have something physical that you can hold in your hands. 

My writer seemed to really think I didn’t understand, but I do. You can use the internet to send letters very quickly as well. Time isn’t really an issue for us, so if a letter takes a few weeks to arrive rather than just coming in instantly, it’s not a big deal. Besides, what if I wanted to send a picture, or some little trinket along with it?

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