PolyGlot 1.0 release!


EDIT: For anyone having trouble with incessant flashing/unusability, that issue has been caught and corrected. Please redownload.

This is it! This is the 1.0 release! I have been busting my butt to bring this to all of you and am super excited to release it! This version takes PolyGlot from a glorified lexicon to a true language toolkit, with the ability to include formatted chapters and sections on your conlang’s grammar. This also marks the release of my own first conlang, Lodenkur! Prior versions of PolyGlot came with a very limited glimpse at it, but this includes the grammar, spoken examples, etc. It’s included with this release!

One big thing this release: I have dropped Java 6 support. I’m sorry, but the IO for J6 across various platforms was just too broken for me to deal with any more. Users had been losing work, and I just can’t allow that.

Wrapped versions (OSX and Windows) will come later, but the download available now should work for everyone.

Now, on the the meat of this, the new features:

-An unreal number of bugs have been stomped. Many created and quashed between this version and the last.

-The biggest and baddest addition to PolyGlot this time around is the Grammar Guide.

– Fully formatted text with tree separated, searchable chapters and sections.

– Compatibility with RTL styled languages, including for fonts that do not normally support RTL.

– Audio recording/playback per section, allowing for the encoding of spoken examples.

-Wildly reworked UI

– Lexicon screen totaly rehauled, allowing for screens with much lower resolution to use PolyGlot.

– Main interface split into multiple windows, more appropriate for complex language work.

– Graphical elements added to many buttons and menus.

– Add/delete key combinations added to relevant forms.

-RTL option added for languages. This will force RTL letter ordering and typing, even for character sets which do not normallty support it.

-The search/filter on the lexicon window is now 100% regex pattern compatible.

-When searching your conlang words, the filter will now search all declensions in addition to searching headwords for a match. -Recently opened files now shown in the File menu.

-Conjugation/Declension rules can now be copied/pasted! This was a much requested feature!

-Saving wildly sped up. Takes a fraction of a second, where it would take a significant amount of time in priod versions (cached font binaries…).

-Users can now export custom fonts within a PGT file.

-Users can now specify delimiter character when importing from a CSV file.

-Detailed error logs for save/load problems implemented.

-Command + A now correctly selects all on Macs.


Please report any bugs, and as always, suggestions and comments are always welcomed!

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