Etlu, Vialio talked some serious smack about you in a previous post. Are you just going to take that?


Assume you mean this? Not much to say about it. Not much to get angry over. Child lordling thinking that the power they wield is special. Thinking they know everything about the world and that no one else has it figured out. Pretty normal for someone young with any power.

Be fun to knock them down a peg or two, but never met them before. Maybe if they lived around me. Just an irritating noisemaker right now.

What they say about a time that doesn’t exist any more? They have no idea.  Talking about what they don’t know. As if anything is done and over with. Seem clever, though. They’ll learn. If the brat survives long enough. Act like that for too long and they’ll run into trouble. I’m not the only relic. Not the only one around who remembers what happens when there’s not enough to eat. Not enough medicine. Trendy jacket and management skills won’t help when that rolls around again.

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