Vialio, or Kuwang if you’d prefer, you seem like a person who has had a nice education. Where did you study and how was it?


Viallio is fine, but please use my full name. Sulmere feels like they can just call me “Vi,” and Etlu… I have no idea what they think, but having them be  so familiar with me is unnerving.

I’ve taken various courses, though. General things like modern history and basic medicine that are absolutely indispensable, obviously. Unless you’re dirt poor or living in some backwater hellhole, it’s assumed you’ll have a firm grasp of those.

Earlier in my life I had an interest in microbe engineering. I dabbled in that for a bit, but didn’t have the mind for it at the time. That was lives ago though, and I’ve spent effort breeding myself up a bit to have better intelligence. It would probably come quite a bit more easily to me at this point. I do like the idea of getting back to that eventually, although I’ll need to maintain a solid intellectual lineage if I’m going to have real success there. I poked at some other subjects that I might return to later as well, but nothing too significant.

I’ve studied business most seriously, as that relates directly to the work that I currently do. Initially I studied here, but I spent about a third of a life over in the Emporiin Republic (an island nation to the east that separates the Central Sea and the Deadly Sea). That was truly an eye opening experience. Lodenore, and more specifically the city of Kilib (my home city) are big trading hubs, but Emporiin is a whole ‘nother level. Their culture lives, breathes, and eats trade. No one knows more about business than they do. They don’t export or produce anything, but are one of the most booming economies in the world. Getting to study in a school there while I was so young was a huge honor.

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll hold on to my business, though. It will be tough to give it up, since it will be split all apart and distributed afterward. I understand why it’s illegal to own an organization you stop running, but this will be the biggest thing I’ve ever made and then set aside.

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