Happy New Year (in our calendar, anyway)! Does your culture have anything like our New Year’s resolutions, where you choose a time-frame to accomplish something challenging? What’s your resolution?


Thank you! It’s really fun learning about the holidays that you celebrate on earth and your religion!

Anyhow, our holidays don’t really work the same way as yours. Most of them, anyhow. It seems like you only have the one word “holiday,” while we have two different ones. Special days that are observed based on the calendar tend to be very secular. They’re the kinds of days that a government might designate as a day off work that you’re guaranteed, or a period to observe some big national achievement.

The second kind of holiday is much more important though, and not based on the calendar. Those holidays are based on natural occurrences aligning, so their celebration isn’t something that comes at regular intervals, like star/planet positions, crop harvests, particularly higo/low tides, etc. Natural things that just don’t coincide with our arbitrary calendar, you know?

We actually do have a holiday that is very close to your New Year, wɑː ʃ ↘ʀə loʊ ↗hɑː noʊ. It’s the holiday celebrating the god Reku. Reku is the blacksmith, and associated with transformations. Most specifically, they are able to help with transformations that take place within a single lifetime. The name translates roughly to “The Reforging.” The only real time limit to completing whatever goals you set is the end of your current life, so people tend to have multiple resolutions going at once. Obviously if you’re getting toward the end of your life, or have tough goals you’ve stacked up and not completed, you’ll choose easier ones until next life.

My last resolution was to find a new job and maybe move up a rung or two on the social ladder in the process. Still working on that one.

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