Vialio, what is your religion? You said “gods above,” in your last post. It seems like you don’t like Sulmere’s religion, too.


I’m an atheist. I try to remain cordial with believers, but it can be very difficult. It’s just sheer stubbornness with some people. You put evidence in front of their face and they just act like you’ve spit on them. They would rather get offended than actually think about the words you’re confronting them with.

When I was taking classes over in Emporiin, people talked about it all the time, and would think about whatever you said to them. They weren’t afraid to question pretty much anything, and even though I was the youngest person taking classes there, they would still consider what I had to say.

I think that sort of philosophy needs to spread. If people started thinking like that, the whole world would just run better. There even used to be wars where people would kill one another over that kind of thing. It’s just unreal.

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