I’d really like to see Sulmere’s reaction to Walking With the Dinosaurs episode called Cruel Sea. Liopleurodons, especially. So cool – and terrifying.

[ed: the video Sulmere is reacting to can be found here]


I’m… wow, I’m just speechless. The writer showed me the video you were talking about, and it was amazing. And terrifying. I mean wow, talk about monsters. But really amazing ones. The thought of those being in the water at the same time as you’re swimming just sends shivers from the tips of my antennae down through the length of my tail. 

I’ve mentioned Longru before, who’s something of a sea exploring celebrity here. They haven’t ever encountered anything like the liopleurodons in the film, but they’ve found evidence. They’ve found carcasses of massive plant eaters that have huge bites taken out of them. Or living ones with scarring from jaws of some monster we’ve never imagined.

I’m not the smartest or best educated person ever, but I read anything I can find on research that’s done in the seas. More than anything else, the gaps in our knowledge of them are so much larger than the areas we’ve discovered. Hell, I might know more about Earth than the sum of Kukun knowledge on the bottom of our oceans.

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