How common is it, if at all, that a young Kukun would be cared for by someone who is not their sire or parent? Humans (and other Earth animals) sometimes adopt children who are not biologically related to them. This is often because something unfortunate befell the biological parents, leaving them unable to care for their children. (Unintended pregnancy is also quite common on Earth, due to contraceptives and abortions being difficult to obtain or illegal in many areas of the planet.)

Wow, lots of questions there! 

Anyhow, if you get sired by someone then there’s a big fight, or something untoward happens, severing ties with them is not very hard. The connection is really for your benefit rather than the sire’s, so if you want to walk away from it, that’s your prerogative. If you have a friend or someone who can help you through the time in the place of your biological sire, then you’re obviously in a much better place than if you don’t. it would be a pretty big favor to ask of someone, though.

Someone being orphaned in their childhood, though? Like in their first life? Well… if a parent isn’t able to take care of their child for whatever reason, the kid’s grandparent would probably step in. Or just … yeah. Someone in the family. Family can help if for some reason you suddenly can’t take care of your kid. If something happens.

Accidental pregnancies are pretty rare, but they do happen. We have plants that impede it that are really easy to grow, and cheap to buy if you don’t want to bother with that. We’ve got stuff that will end a pregnancy without much bother, too.

This comes up most often when someone is trying to persist, but it turns out that their body is something of a late bloomer. They’ll realize that they’re actually going to bear a child if they let it come to term and just end the whole thing. If you were planning on persisting anyhow, it’s no time to have a kid. I mean that’s probably the worst time, since you’re getting ready to go through adolescence again, yourself.

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