How are these people on the top anyway? Who leads your country?


The government in Lodenore is actually pretty unique across the world. The nation started as two separate counties that banded together during a huge drought/famine. Because of that, we have two separate heads of government, one in the north and one in the south. The city I live in, Kilib, is just north of the border separating the two halves.

Anyhow, every city and town gets a representative that they send in to help govern. Bigger cities get more say, but there’s a big complex system to make sure that smaller towns aren’t completely swept under the rug. It’s up to each city and town to figure out how to select representatives, but it’s a vote in most places. In some tiny villages the current representative chooses their own replacement, or sometimes it has to do with maintaining a ruling line… but that is very old fashioned. You won’t see it in more metropolitan places.

As for people with money, I assume that they’ve just always had money. It seems like that’s how it goes.

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