Are there schools for kids? You can’t have as many kids as humans since your immortal or your planet would be overpopulated.


We have various schools and universities, but none of them are for children. Are there any children that actually want to just sit and learn? I’ve never heard of anyone younger than maybe their third or fourth life heading to school. I was in my fourth life when I did, and was by far the youngest student there.

Really basic knowledge like literacy and basic math are the responsibility of  a parent to teach. The writer has told me that there are whole institutions provided for children on earth. That seems so odd to me that there would be so many kids at any one time. That there would be so many in a single area that it could support a whole organization solely devoted to teaching them.

It does make sense when I think about it, though. There need to be at least enough children produced by an average person to replace them after their single life is over.

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