Do you have saunas? Actually, that reminds me, do you even sweat or do you have some other means of cooling off?


We generally only sweat on the pads of our feet and hands. If we’re still overheated at that point, panting helps to cool off. There are a few places in the world where most people have a particular gene, though. The gene lets you sweat over your entire body. It’s a survival adaptation that’s found only in a few hot, mountainous regions. I’ve never met anyone with it, but apparently if they’re working hard, it forms a kind of lathery foam. Maybe I’m being squeamish, but that seems a little gross to me.

Saunas, though. We’ve got a traditional health practice that you’ll find most everywhere that’s very similar. Health spas generally have heat rooms with icy cold baths just outside of them. The idea is that shocking your system going straight from being overheated to jumping into the cold water is good for you. Most doctors pooh pooh it, but it makes me feel really refreshed afterward. I think it helps me to stay energetic.

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