If your basic time measurement is so much slower than Earth’s, does that mean your music also is? Is music an art form you pursue in any meaningful way at all, for that matter?


Our time system isn’t “slower” so much as it is a different standard from yours. If you have two different metrics for measuring distance, you won’t make the walk to the next town any shorter by switching from one to the other.

Music ranges widely in tempo, especially if you spend any time in different countries. I’ve tried listening to human music, and most of what the writer had me listen to was just a cacophony. So many different noises and sounds all playing simultaneously that it was impossible to follow anything. Also, adding voice in addition to sound is very common in music here, although that doesn’t really line up the same for a kukun as it does for any of you.

I wonder if speaking with noises hasn’t made humans better able to pick sound apart. That might explain the musical differences.

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