Do you have harvest festivals? Many people in my country are preparing to celebrate one called “Thanksgiving.”


Oh, absolutely! One of the larger celebrations we have here has roots that go all the way back to a huge, religious harvest festival. It celebrates Lofsing, the god of plenty, harvests, and the home protection. Technically it’s still a religious holiday for me and most of my relatives since we’re Siasha. I’m not as into it as some others, but Lofsing values generosity, hospitality, and togetherness. So they seem like a pretty good god to praise a bit and throw some parties for.

Even though Siasha isn’t really a common religion these days, pretty much everyone in Lodenore (my home country) and all the surrounding regions celebrates Mihalore. it translates roughly to “Food Day,” or “Grain Festival,” depending on how you separate the syllables. It’s a day where everyone in a community helps to put together a big feast, which is traditionally eaten outside. 

Even if it’s raining, being outside for the feast is one of the most important parts. Usually we’ll have a pavilion or something put together in case of rain, but a lot of the most traditional foods are ones that won’t get ruined if they’re a little bit wet for that exact reason.

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