The Lomisht: Noreng/The Magician, 01

The Lomisht as a tarot project has had a lot of twists and turns. Originally, it started out as a totally unique system, only tangentially related to tarot. I quickly realized that if I was going to crowdfund it, I would need to make a traditional tarot set. 

But I’m a contrary thing, and decided to do both. The cards can be read based on either the traditions of tarot, or the Lomisht, and the numbers/symbology of tarot cards are incorporated as best as I’ve been able. In these Friday entries to the blog, I’ll be touching on cards from the Greater Illumination (Major Arcana). I’m going to be focusing on the meanings for Lomisht, but will also give the related tarot card for anyone interested in looking up more information about its traditional meaning/readings.

Today’s card is 01. In tarot, it is The Magician. In the Lomisht, it is Noreng.

Noreng is the god of knowledge and scholarship, and the luminary of the suit of Wind. Before them is carved an alchemical compass carved with holy geometries, the symbols of the four physical elements before them, each representing a domain of another luminary. Though Noreng is the youngest and least powerful of the gods, their unmatched knowledge over the physical world and of their elder peers gives them great influence. They hold a magnifying lens through which they inspect the card’s viewer, and surround themselves with tools of knowledge and exploration.

The wear purple, the color associated most closely with them, and the color of the celestial body bearing their name. The lens they hold is the icon of their station. Above their head floats their symbol, which marks the suit of wind. Of note is that in older interpretation and depictions of the god, a decanter, rather than a lens was used to represent of the god.

Upright Reading: Intellectual inspiration, or the need for thoughtful analysis.

Inverted Reading: A mental block or misguided conclusions. Untapped talents.

designs copyright Draque Thompson, art assets copyright Karen Swartz

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