We have heard of polytheism on your world. Are there any monotheistic religions?

We do have a few, yeah. They tend to be rare, though. Most of them are sects of Polgeni or Sarda Nar.

Polgeni believers say that there is one creator god who was able to make everything except people. Because they were lonely, they created a whole world, and decided to populate it themself, living over and over and over, as every single creature, making themself forget between each life.

Polgeni isn’t very popular these days. It’s very fatalistic, since it presumes that everyone will die eventually.

Sarda Nar is a lot more complex, but ultimately believes that everyone is a fragment of a larger creator god. It also teaches that anyone can be the creator of a world inside of themself though, and that their god is just a person who created did just that to make Darisa. They believe that god is just a fragment of another, and so on and so on, up for infinity. Technically just one god at the top of the infinity, though? I’m not a theologian, I don’t really think about it too much.

Sarda Nar is much more popular, but no where around Lodenore or any of the local countries.

Anyhow, monotheism just seems weird to me. If you’re going to do a big job, it makes sense to have people to help you with it. And what’s a bigger job than making the universe run? My faith is Siasha, which has quite a few gods (more or less, depending on what branch you subscribe to). I’m not super religious, but it’s important to me, and I think it helps me to be a better person.

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