Is there any special significance to your necklace? You’re wearing it in your main picture and also in the picture of you at a bar.(Vialio)

This is my crest. I’m not certain that crests have been explained well before, so I’ll go over that here.

The writer tells me that a human’s identity is very closely wrapped up with what they look like. Even as closely linked to identity as something like a name. I was incredulous at first, but they reminded me that humans only ever have a single body. It suddenly made sense to me.

A kukun obviously has many bodies over the course of their lives. What they look like now isn’t necessarily what they’ll look like a few years from now. Your face changes. Your clothes change with fashion and trends. Your voice changes as you have different sets of antennae in different bodies, or as the language/dialect you speak evolves.

Your crest stays the same, though. It can really be anything, from a necklace to a tattoo you get every life, to a particular piercing. They are always highly visible, and always complex enough that you wouldn’t mistake them for fashion. People can recognize you by it even if lives and lives have gone past. Occasionally you’ll run into someone with a similar, or even identical crest. If you’re the superstitious type like my great na, Bruo, it means you have to share food with the person without speaking until you’ve both taken a bite. Both crests and that tradition are found virtually everywhere. I can’t even think of a country where people don’t wear them.

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