The Lomisht 12: The Altar/The Hanged Man

The card this week number 12 from the deck, The Altar. This card lines up with The Hangman in a traditional Tarot deck, and the connection between the two (sacrifice) should be pretty clear. 

Only a month until the kickstarter begins, and I’m starting to get some butterflies in my stomach! Very excited!

The altar is an ancient and weathered stone slab, roughly hewn and stained with blood. Above is the night sky, stars shining brightly, but with no moon. To one end, a sacrificial knife has been left. Glowing embers of a sacrificial fire are in its center.

– Upright: Personal sacrifice to attain a goal. Divine providence.
– Inverted: Wasted potential. Unanswered prayers.

designs copyright Draque Thompson, art assets copyright Karen Swartz

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