The Lomisht 21: The Land/The World

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The traditional tarot card corresponding to 21 is The World. Rather than giving this card a figure to represent it, I wanted to present a more literal interpretation of this card. Given the importance of cycles within this deck (and within Kukun’lu culture more generally), I felt that this was more appropriate. For those that prefer to remove the extra Major Arcana cards for a wholly traditional deck, this card presents us with a vast area open for exploration. This draws our attention back to card 00 The Fool/The Wanderer, another cycle.


Our world and its material. The ground and soil, from which all things. On the land, all water sits, where Sedu banished it from the heavens. All wind blows upon it. All fires burn from things it grows. The Land is the sum of Sedu’s physical creation, and all things we know were fashioned from it. Before us is the edge of a steep cliff, fields of grass and grain below, mountains in the distance, forests before the mountains. To one side of the land, the ocean is visible. The sky is a clear, pale green, with no visible sun, moon, or stars. In the center of the card is the symbol of Land, Lofsing’s sigil. On the cliff, the scythe of Reku’s making, earlier carried by death, leans against a sapling tree, growing on the cliff’s edge. All of these things speak to the cyclic nature of our world, and the constant presence only of change. This speaks to the old wisdom: No thing can outlast you.

– Upright: Plenty, completion of goals, fulfillment. The providence of the land.
– Inverted: A separation from providence. Need, lack of closure. Hunger and want.

designs copyright Draque Thompson, art assets copyright Karen Swartz

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