III of Fire/III of Earth


I’m posting tarot stuff 3 days per week the whole month of the kickstarter! If you like the designs and want to see them as fully colored cards in a complete deck, please consider backing us at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/58157872/a-darisa-tarot-the-lomisht!

I’m shaking things up a bit today and showing one of the lesser illumination/minor arcana! This is the level of complexity that all cards will get if we make our stretch goal of $12k is met! This card is the III of Fire, which correlates to the III of wands in decks not following the Thoth styled suits.


Kukung’s symbol is prominent toward the top of the card with a field of stars behind. Reku stands with their back to the viewer. In one hand they hold Lofsing’s staff. They look out over the ocean from a cliff. Reku was the creator of Lofsing’s staff, although it is impossible to know whether this scene takes place before the staff was gifted, or it has been lent back to Reku.

– Meaning:Collaboration. Professional teamwork. In context, upcoming joint decisions.

designs copyright Draque Thompson, art assets copyright Karen Swartz

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