The Lomisht 22: Dance

I’m posting tarot stuff 3 days per week the whole month of the kickstarter! If you like the designs and want to see them as fully colored cards in a complete deck, please consider backing us at!

And here the deck breaks entirely from tradition. The last three cards serve to fill out the numerologically significant number 25 within the world of Darisa. This week’s card is Dance.


From a distance, we observe a group dancing tirelessly before a fire. Above them, Cikil is fully eclipsed by Kur, Sedu’s larger moon, whose face is darkened. The second moon, Kur’Dod, is directly before its larger partner.. The corona of Cikil can be seen around the edges. The dancers celebrate the broken creator’s eventual return.

– Upright: Positivity, enjoyment, expression. Vitality and exuberance.
– Inverted: Depression and withdrawal. Dashed plans.

designs copyright Draque Thompson, art assets copyright Karen Swartz

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