Wednesday Card: Ace of Fire

We’re back to showing off cards for a bit again! This time, we’ve got the Ace of Fire. In this deck, the aces occupy the 0th position in the suit (for traditional readings, the 1 of the suits are removed).

The Fire Trump card represents the whole of the suit of Fire. It is worldly action itself, the significance of which is underscored in any position that this card takes.


 A flame within a ring of stones dominates this simplistic card, feeding from blackened coals. This card marks the point where we enter Reku’s domain, and their name marks the bottom of each of the cards in it.

– Meaning: Worldly action. This card represents the essence of the suit of Fire and its influence. When encountered, the trump indicates influence by this suit on all surrounding cards.

designs copyright Draque Thompson, art assets copyright Karen Swartz

If you haven’t already, please consider backing the kickstarter for this deck! I really want to make it exist!

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