This is for Draque. Did the Thoth tarot inspire your deck a lot? It is the best deck for prediction.

Lady Frieda Harris


Although our deck (Karen Swartz is the artist, while I design) has a suit system that uses the same elements as the Thoth deck, I haven’t posted any cards which are influenced by it yet. I have complex thoughts about Crowley’s Thoth deck, honestly. I don’t believe that there’s anything magical or mystic about tarot cards, but at the same time, Crowley whole cloth made up a LOT of stuff regarding their origins, their connection to the Romani people, and the connection of both to Egypt. That bothers me. (Also, it turns out that he was stupidly sexist and didn’t really seem to have gotten along well with the artist, Lady Frieda Harris.)

That having been said, tarot decks are a collection of many, many systems of belief and mythology, rolled into a fascinating tangle of detail and connections. Crowley added to that as had many before him. I can’t deny that.

So there is one suit in the deck which is heavily inspired by his imagery. The suit of Ground in The Lomisht is largely based on Crowley’s Thoth deck. The reason for this has to do with the suit of Ground in the first place. In-universe, The Lomisht does not have a suit of Ground. It is something that was added to the deck to make it compatible with more traditional tarot decks. Within the story world, it would itself be an addition/corruption of the deck.

Which seems appropriate for the images, traditions, and mythologies that Crowley ganked in the creation of his Thoth deck.

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