Can Sulmere and Vialio tell jokes too? I bet their senses of humor would be pretty different from Etlu’s.


Ok, here is one I heard a while ago… It might not be very funny since I have to explain it, though.

How can you tell the difference between a new sailor and one who’s done it for lives? The first one only has gills in their stomach.

This one is… Well, the implication is that if someone is out at sea long enough, they have sex with fish Also, the word for “gills” is pronounced the same way as the word for [sex organ]. So it kind of plays on that as well.


What’s the best present for a doctor? A date.

People won’t really talk to doctors unless they have to. Even socially, that is to say. It seems like the profession can be taxing in a general sense. I like this joke because people tend to pretend that isn’t the case, or that there’s a good reason for it. This joke makes them feel uncomfortable because it’s airing that dirty laundry. For how important they are, doctors are treated very poorly. It’s something I’ve seen across the world, not just here in Lodenore.

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