Etlu you claim you have seen magic. Is magic still common? It doesn’t sound like Vialio believes in magic. If it exists then why hasn’t it been found by science? How do you know you aren’t remembering wrong? And how do I know you’re not making it up?

Doubt my memory? Fair. Reasonable. Whether or not my memories are trustworthy. Not lying though. For what that’s worth. But memories get muddled. Just happens.

Vialio is a child. Arrogant. Thinks only things they see, they understand exist. Smartest person out there. Get them in trouble sooner or later. Think you’ve got the sharpest teeth and you’re never ready to get bit.

But. Wasn’t always alone for things that I’ve seen. Others saw them too. Some things just hard to explain. Others terrifying. Voice like lightning from the sky. Entire city nearly deafened from the flash. Happened long enough ago that there was no technology. Nothing that could do that. How did it happen? Who knows.

Mountain vanished overnight. Was in the wilderness in a survey team. Happened a handful of lives ago. Team remembers it. What happened? Shattered moon if I know.

Maybe some fancy science. No magic at all. Not much difference to me.

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