What’s in the news these days? Anything about Ókeypis and Himniland?

[ed: continuing progression which started here: http://sulmere.tumblr.com/search/himniland/page/6]


There has been more and more of the same propaganda pumped out. The entire situation is… frightening in a way that’s difficult for me to describe. Obviously I’m not just sinking into a state of catatonic denial like Sulmere is, but my parent is hardly what you would call a composed individual.

The new perspective this is providing is disturbing. It was hard for me to believe that actual territory violence had broken out in the modern era. That there could be any kind of national or regional conflicts that couldn’t be resolved peacefully is shocking to, obviously. We aren’t in some ancient civilization here.

But then I started looking at recent history more critically. Here and there I find … hiccups. Sudden resolutions to conflicts immediately following natural disasters. Immediate advantageous conditions for a nation next door which didn’t suffer the disaster. They’re not common. But they are there. As unpleasant as the implications are, I can’t simply un-see them.

With how Etlu talks, I realize that this has to be something of an open secret for anyone paying attention. I’m still kind of processing the whole revelation.

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