Vialio you are the most logical. If you live forever what is the point of life?

Having the time to calm down after YOUR PARENT MAKES AN ASS OF THEMSELF. Because that certainly isn’t possible within just a few lives. UGH.

I had to talk to the writer a bit before I understood your question. Initially I just thought you were demanding the meaning of life from me. But then I realized that you were asking something even more absurd. The writer tells me that you presume that having too much life is bad. That there comes a point when being alive is a negative.

However. Perspective changes enormously between lives. This is something I don’t suppose you will have had opportunity to appreciate. It isn’t just your visible body that changes. You have a new brain, with all the quirks and nuances that come with something like that. There’s a reason we take new names with each lifetime we live.

With that new perspective can come new drives and motivations. New interests emerge. You can find yourself better able to do things that you had little talent for in the past or that skills you’ve honed are suddenly foreign to you. The first few times you persist, that change in perspective can be very disconcerting, but eventually it becomes something you’re familiar enough that you might sometimes look forward to it.

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