Children must be pretty rare. Since you are effectively ageless, having lots of kids would fill your world up pretty quickly. What are kids’ toys like in your world?

Toys specifically made for children? We don’t really have anything at all that’s made for children… When I was raising Vialio and they were very young, they just broke anything that you handed them. It was pretty infuriating, but when I talked to other parents (including my own), they all seemed to agree that’s just how kids are.

The best things that I found were stuffed cloth toys. The kind that it’s really easy to get attached to right after you persist while you’re still in the mood to go on flights of fancy and imagination. The first few that I got for Vi were destroyed in short order. They eventually realized that things need to be treated with some care if you want to have them for long, though. I don’t know if you’ve ever had to teach a child things, but they really don’t know anything at all. Sure they can talk, but all of the knowledge that you just take for granted is missing. It’s a surreal experience.

Anyhow, once Vi learned to read, it was much easier. I just had to find books that they liked and I could actually rest for a moment without worrying that they would dive off a cliff or wander into the wilderness and get eaten by something, or decide that it was a great idea to just eat whatever fit into their mouth. Kids in their first life just seem dead set annihilating themselves out of sheer joyful spite toward their parents.

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