Do you have games like chess?

We don’t have chess specifically, but there are games which hold a similar place in culture here. I sat with the writer for some time and learned the rules of chess, and it’s clear that it’s specifically a war game. Games based on war are politically incorrect in most modern societies.

Ironically, the most popular classic game right now is actually called “War.” Although it’s obviously not a physical war that’s represented, it’s still a game of conflict. Each payer represents a trade power pressing against the other. It’s played on a grid with 9 vertices horizontally and 12 vertices lengthwise.

Each turn, you pull from a pile of available strategy tokens and place a piece somewhere on your side of the board. The pieces are directional (typically with one side an arrow) to tell which belongs to which player. After placing a piece, you move one of the pieces you control on the board. Different types of pieces move in different fashions, and under many circumstances, opponents pieces can be cleared from the board.

You move your pieces toward your opponent’s side, and if you manage to move one onto the vertices closest to them, then that section of the board is captured, and they can no longer place new pieces on it. The object of the game is to capture all 8 of the vertices closest to them, preventing them from placing any new pieces.

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